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Likes are vanity, leads are sanity! It's time to leverage your social media...

Why just get likes, when you could get leads too..?b

Yes it's great to be liked, but...

Why just get likes and shares, when you could be getting leads too? Using a variety of apps and landing pages (including gamification) we capture leads from your socials. E-blasts are used to reawaken past clients and move prospects further along the sales funnel

We can help you with e-sends

Don't have the time to send e-newsletters or can't see the importance of them? Then it's time to take note : 80% of people check emails on their phone or desktop computer DAILY! Most do it several times a day. Over 50% of sales at our GMLQ events come from email bookings. Let us do it for you!

Fees and charges SM POSTS

We charge a standard $70 + GST for 4 social media posts, which includes lead capture tools. Minimum booking is 16 posts per month. In addition, we require a min spend of $50 per week on post boosts (which we manage for you). 

E-newsletter costs & conds

Cost per e-newsletter varies according to the content required. POA. Mailchimp fees &  list compiling charges also apply. Please make an enquiry - we don't bite....

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